Evolving Citizen Centric Corporate e-Governance for Total Transparency


  • He is a B.E. UOR’1973, ME (Design) UOR’1975, Graduate Dip. (Management) AIMA’1988, Lecturer Engineering Dyalbagh 1975-76, Life Member Computer Society Of India, Life Member Indian Road Congress, Life Member Indian Building Congress, Rtd Chief Engineer UPPWD, Former Senior Engineer ( Methods, Process & Corporate Planning), Auto Tractors Ltd’ 1979-85, Project Manager / Manager (MIS) UPSBC Ltd 1989-2002, Project Coordinator Computerization Project UPPWD’2002-12. Delphi Expert’2010 Rural e-Gov, Presented several paper on e-Governance in international seminar held by IIT,IIM ,IIPA, ICEG & CSI. Short listed for RDBMS advanced computer training in Japan’2001, President PWDCHS ltd, Ex-President AOA, Ex-President OSHO.

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Theme Related Track  –   Transport, Communication, Power, Health and family welfare, Defense

eHR, eLokpal,  eJudge, eBudget, ePMB, eProcurement, eGIN ,e-Gov apps (G-G, G-C, G-B, G-E etc.)


e-Governance app evolved by the senior citizens as domain experts

            Current worst ever global economic slowdown, is due to lack of transparency, poor selection and placement of honest personals at key positions, incompetence to quickly visualize grey areas and lack of foresight among corporate CEO’s. Ego, false pride, balancing power by promoting yes-men and practices of discouraging executives down the line to not share fearlessly about ill governance prevailing in the system. . It’s a fall out of aristocracy among top hierarchy and non-availability of extra smart soft apps to instantly analyze the database at click of mouse. It’s an established fact that human nature is to yield under pressure, to hide the financial and weakness as long its possible to safeguard their position.

Now a days with use of artificial and digital intelligence, any executive can become super intelligent. Its time when 80% of decision making should be on the basis of database driven tools and only 20% of alteration can be left on the shoulders of key decision maker, to eliminate scope of malpractices.

Citizen Centric app using e-Governance methodology can be evolved for transparent, efficient, accountable system, integrating domain knowledge of senior citizens for Government Departments, Small & Big Corporate Houses. World Class globally integrate able apps can be conceived, designed & developed by an government aided startup, with the condition that use of such apps shall be absolutely free for at least first three years to build a confidence among end users and to ensure that apps are dependable & bug free. PhD should be encouraged in such innovative areas, which can bring sea change in life of common men globally.

Globally we have huge un trapped human resource of  60-80 years age group, retired from active service, who are intelligent, technically up-to-date, liability free, honest, have an urge  to keep fit vis-à-vis have sincere desire to contribute for noble cause, who could be utilized as domain expert for ICT applications in infrastructure development and can pave the foundations of a competitive transparent environment, to  provide a cost effective viable alternative to multinational & indigenous firms who have tendencies to mint money, corrupting the system and providing service at very high cost, beyond the reach of common men. It is conceived that all the activities of this concept shall be on line through a portal www.vxeq.in  to be managed by senior citizens with opportunity to work in a distant neutral approach sitting at any part of the world.


Total Transparency in Transport, Power, Health and family welfare, Defense, Communication projects

 eHR, eLokpal, eGov, eJudge, eBudget, ePMB, ePro, eGIN,eGVS apps, (G-G, G-C, G-B, G-E etc.)


App developed shall be given to end users for free of cost use for one year, thereafter 0.25% of turnover shall be charged, towards maintenance of app and database. Purpose of our startup is to help government and private corporate houses. Initially it is thought few pilot projects are executed as BE/ME level projects or dissertation. Once all the strengths and weakness of the concept gets crystallized, it can be converted into PhD level R&D.

 “Vison 2021 for TOTAL TRANSPARANCY”

Evolving Citizen Centric Corporate e-Governance for Total Transparency

The whole project is based on the idea of participatory planning and group consensus approach by likeminded intellectuals to resolve issues related to technology diffusion and technology acceptance by one and all to evolve a framework interlinking the finalized factors influencing design of a citizen-centric ICT based e-governance methodology for total transparency.

CEO’s and executives sitting at top of any organization or involved in handling any project needs to be 100% instantly accountable and answerable for each and every strength, or weakness, scam or loose ends in the system. Anyone sitting at top who have no passion to build smart governance app, embedding artificial intelligence or aptitude to dissect the database, by running few queries himself, shall fail miserably sooner or later.

It is noticed that senior citizens retired from key positions, hesitate to bring reforms while they were on seat of power, due to socio political pressures. However their great ideas and vast experience can be knitted to develop few apps that can be of great use for good governance.  Our vison is to integrate vast experience of senior citizens as domain expert & utilize soft skills of talented youngsters available at various institutes, for designing & developing eHR, eLokpal,  eJudge, eBudget, ePMB, ePro, eGIN, eGVS apps,  which would shall have potential to revolutionize the governance globally.

It is need of hour that database driven applications, embedding artificial intelligence are developed to pave honesty, transparency and micro level precision in decision making.


An unique merit index ranging from 0 to 1000, can be generated by feeding following data of short listed individuals to pick best of best for any domain. Each of following 10 features can be allotted 100 numbers. Current recruitment agencies are totally ignoring integrity/loyalty/hard working attitudes of candidates, which can be easily derived from astrological app. It is very important to analyze integrity aspect before assigning any key position to any executive. Right selection and placement of manpower in any project, is the guarantee of ROI.

1- Age

2- Qualification

3- Academic performances

4- Health

5- Experience

6- Family liabilities

7- Communication and management skills.

8- Integrity, sincerity, passion for hard work and other parameters as derived by astrological app.

9- Acceptability & Personality.

10- Past professional achievements and positions held.

eLokpal / eJudge

Justice delayed is justice denied. Social political pressures and human errors in decisions making has become a global weakness. The system permitting higher court, to pardon or dilute the sentence given at lower court, without punishing the judge who has given a wrong judgement should vanish. Likewise contempt of court clause be should be diluted. People should have freedom to share his mind, of course in soft and submissive manner. Law graduates with additional qualifications like BCA, can be trained to intelligently analyze case data and fill it correctly in app, to assist judges/lokpal to quickly dispose of cases. Judges/Lokpal should have skills to improve and modify the app, so that they can be aligned with 80% of judgement derived through database feeded in app. Judges should be allowed to deviate the judgement by only 20%.


Allocation of budgetary provisions to keep a balance in helping poorest of poors and developing the nation to be top gdp on earth, is need of hour. India has great tourism potential but destination India is under rated till date. Bali is no match to Mussorie or Nainital but it’s marketed word over like the next iPhone. Surprisingly approach roads/pavements of even Goa and religious/historical tourist places does not support look n feel of natural beauty. GOI must sanction funding of one startup at each location providing interest free loan at approved rates of competent authorities. The quality of such infra startup should be certified through eVoting in public domain. Defaulting startups can be replaced by fresh startup each year. This is how 1000 startup can be supported @Rs 1 Crores per startup. This is how government can control big contractors to become richer by escalating project cost, as many bidders do not qualify due to not meeting prebid T&C.

MP/MLA get funds to the tune of many crores in a year, but generally the works are executed by local contractors with ppl of poor integrity. Each states infrastructure anual budget is to the tune many thousands crores, but it is not technically examined which patch of road pavement was repaired last at how much cost. Some time fresh funds are given to cover the poor quality of immediate last fyr. Google can be tied up to link the chainage wise crust of road pavements, and cost incurred in each financial year.

GOI can target to create one lac startups @Rs 1 Cr self employment opportunities in a year, by putting a condition that 10% of each big project, shall be offloaed to startups.

Bank officers, banking systems & procedures are responsible, for which highest officials of RBI and concerned banks needs to be made accountable through smart apps, so that no official can dare to take their duties lightly in future.


It is required to track the specifications, subhead wise expanses, item wise rates, datewise pictorial progress on any cut of date, of various ongoing projects or old projects through computerized eProject management book. It will be like a measurement book issued to junior engineers to record the measurement. It is proposed each project manager should have a physical and digital project management book, which shall contain project history containing administrative approvals, expenditure sanctions, funds released, design parameters, specifications, manpower, machines and plants details, provisions of departmental estimates, monthly accounts/form 64, project closing form comparing differences in estimated and actual physical/financial parameters. This is needed to encourage the best of best project manager, fix an yardstick/ready reference for better project executions in future. A survey conducted of similar projects reveals that under same project manager/general manager/md, vast various during the same time exists, and management keeps eyes closed, leading to losses to corporate houses. If we cover cost components of same category of infra project, costing one crore to 1000 crore, it is found that bigger projects have bigger cushions, whereas it needs to be vice versa.


It is not possible to filter out best of best make, model, specification of material, machine locally, nationally or globally. Executives involved in procurement, are able to twist the specifications and frame the prebid conditions in a way that generally the best is not purchased. This ultimately leads to inefficiency and losses to the organization. Prequalification conditions needs to be made liberal, so that fresher could also compete.


Current 12 digit adhaar card is not adequate. A 22 digit global index number was suggested by the author of this paper, presented at IIM Banglore. It has the potential of keeping residential/ academic/ professional/ medical history of each and every human being so that terrorist / criminals could be instantly tracked and a person without eGIN be shortlisted as illegal migrant.


Now a day’s digital marketing is promoting to tempt end users for the inferior products too and therefore there need to evolve a mechanism to filter best of best services for common men and share with credentials. Google has also junk and unverified info. A portal gr8valuestore.com has been conceived to provide best of best of any material, product or services, with remarks of learned domain experts whose credentials shall be worth depending upon and a penalty for fake or inferior info shall be applicable, subject to t&c.

Likewise more parameters for all the modules can be set and advanced research in the respective field can, help strengthen the app and database gradually.

Challenges that can be met by proposed apps.

1- It shall analyze direct and indirect losses or gains to organizations due to right selection and placement of manpower.

2- Scientific and correct distribution of funds to yield best results. There need to be a balance between spending on charity and development.

3-Quick disposal in decision making.

4- Political push and pulls interfering in decision making may vanish. Continuous and judicious R&D on this app can improve the results as time pass on. This tool can have global presence and acceptance.

5- Merit shall prevail in each and every walk of life. This shall help enhance GDP, and remove poverty.


PM, HRD Ministers or Chief Minister of cyber state like Karnatka or Andhra (said to be cyber hub of India), simply cannot count their employees, population (qualification, age, income, caste, colonies categories wise), cannot integrate consumption of cement, steel, bitumen or any raw material or finished good categories and department wise).

We cannot weed out corruption without total transparency. 99% are beneficiaries of corruptions. Winning elections, getting employment, growing in business, getting promotion, supporting reservation, out of turn bypassing deserving is part of corruption. Poor, rich, intelligent, IAS to peon irrespective of caste and creed mostly tend to corrupt.

GOI need to support a mechanism that could be 100% transparent. eSystem or eLokpal etc  accessible/shareable to all the stack holders at click of mouse could be the best to enhance quality of life. It can be considered that no body (even employees) should be stagnated for 10 years on one post. That means not more than two five years terms for any MP, MLA, HOD etc. All the political parties should pave the way for fresh talents as talents are available in abundance. Nation first & only three categories (rich/middle class/poor) theory must prevail. No caste based appeasement /reservation, subsidy or loan waiver must continue. One nation, one law for each state, union territory, with no special status to anyone. It is needed to spread positivity through individuals and media. Terms like positivity/negativity index shall be formulated. E.g. let us count how many times in a day, any individual criticize others, this divided by 24, can be his negativity index. He can rated as a devil if he scores 1. Likewise ount how many times in a day, individuals appreciate others, this divided by 24, can be their positivity index. If someone scores 1, he can be rated as an angel.


  • Tracking of Manpower, Machine, Material, Construction Cost for same specifications of works is possible.
  • Cost and quantity of materials and labor cost for same specifications of works shall be possible.
  • Escalation components can be compared globally.
  • The project’s completion time, life cycle of product and running of plants and machines, including labour & skills deployment can be compared globally leading to reduction in costs on similar projects.
  • Rates, Quantities in similar projects could be monitored with proposed system.
  • Manufacturers and Planning Commissions can get realistic feed beck, to plan & project supply and demand patterns more precisely.
  • Shall pave the ways & means for more open competitive market environment.
  • Pilferages to the tune of thousands of crores could be saved and thus growth of country shall improve and price rise may be curbed.
  • Nexus between executing and auditing agencies could be broken with proposed updated accounts head codes. Thus corruption could be totally rooted out, as system shall become transparent with inbuilt e-Governance features.
  • Economic and Social status of cross section of society could be known by click of mouse.


It is globally surprising and strange phenomenon, that instead of the world wide availability of galaxies of extraordinary talents, key data of manpower, population, agriculture, industrial growth, finance, GDP etc, cannot be derived by single click of mouse, through data mining of a particular sector, district, state, country, and region and worldwide. Unfortunately not only planning commission of India but world bank, UNO and world leading countries are yet projecting annual or segment wise growth of different field by using age old methodology of integrating results by using forecasting tools integrating scattered data through hypothesis

Global database integration without proper thrust on codification and creation of ID’s is not possible. Basically National Informatics Centers (NIC) of all the countries needs to interact and agree to work on same table structures to build integrate able database. Prior to this, it the job of local administration at district level to work on the lines as proposed in this paper, to create Residences-ID and Human Resource-ID. Authorities dealing with ISD, STD, Pin Code, Treasury Codes, Accounts Codes, State/ District/ Tehsil/ Block Codes, MP & MLA constituencies codes also need to do a very exhaustive exercise to remove duplicity and adopt a globally acceptable system of codes. It is suggested to read our paper “Global e-Governance Guidelines for Government Departments” published in “Critical Thinking in e-Governance” page 111-115 and 120-126 GIFT/ICEG Publication’2009 www.giftsociety.org.


To adapt and innovate is to survive and evolve. Internet became accessible to all in 2000, giving birt to sites such as Wikipedia in 2001, Myspace in 2003, Facebook in 2004, YouTube in 2005, and Twitter in 2006. Likewise it is hoped that this vxeq portal may help India to acquire super power status by 2025.

Once it is done, we can start getting huge benefits in terms quality in our corporate planning, poverty removal, tracking of terrorists and forecasting of global economy based on transparent real online database.

However if we are still not willing to adopt, global mission & vision as proposed in this paper, than we as such are helping the world to live in illusions, wasting a huge money and defeating the basic sprit of e-Governance.

I feel National Informatics Centre of India is responsible for lack of foresight to guide the world that table structuring and unique codes of different resources had to be same globally. There is need to have a global regulatory body to take care of this aspect.

It is still not too late, yet efforts can be made in this directions so that data mining and projections could be accurate and useful for key stack holders, planning commission & humanity. Google is doing a great service in providing answers of FAQ, but these are based on some hypothesis of manipulating databases and hence the results shared are not be precisely correct.

Let us understand Safer Side vs The Latest Fad. Definition of fad: a practice or interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal : craze. Safer side of humanity is that we respect the merit. We should device a digital app that can be of great help to HR agencies, Judiciary and executives to take correct decisions. Gone are the days, when ppl sitting on helm of power, used to dictate and feel that their judgement and intuitions are perfect. Such digital app can be categorised as eLOKPAL, eJUDGMENT, eHR by which it be mandatory for key decision makers to comply 80% app recommendations and only 20% can be fresh independent add in from their side. It could be thus a beginning of embedding true justice free from political or other pressures, in decision making. Latest fad is exaggerated presentation of potential strengths and achievements. To overpower it, the best way out is to get digitize and open the gateway of total eTRANSPANCY.

Let us ponder over why privacy at the cost of national security is making so much noise. Staunch supporters of total transparency, are of the view that data personal or commercial should be shareable to GOI for curbing malpractices of terrorist and anti-nationals. Service providers like banks, mobile, estate firms etc need to hv only Adhaar Number, name age in round figure of holder and other private details can be prevented to be shared easily if few of us feel that privacy is that important


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