Gr8ValueStore is a world wide venture to suggest best of best of any product. Whenever you come across any good product or idea pl share its detailed specifications, cost and source of procurement.

Digital Marketing lags ethics. The concept and tools used by digital marketing experts are focused to maximize visibility of any product at a high ranking on the web, without any genuine reasons of rating it so high. Thus an ass can be sold at horse price, as ppl surfing any products are carried away through top search links available on web browsers. Need of hour is to promote the best of best to end users. Therefore promoters of Gr8ValueStore conceived an idea to design a survey form to get global feedback from 100 genuine users and display in blog why the particular product is rated best and what are price, specifications, cost  and source of procurement of the globally best product. Such products can be online purchased too and a part of incentives shall be credited to respective domain expert who conducts the survey and provide techno commercial support. Those interested to work on this project may kindly WhatsApp +916395712982, indicating product name of which he has relatively better techno commercial knowledge.
Please help us as the challenge is to short list willing domain experts, as there could be fake reviews too by the digital marketing  team of few products.
Please provide online link of this blog in your whatsapp/fb/twitter group, in which those coming across any good product to his entire satisfaction may like to submit their feedback indicating specs, cost and source of procurement, that can be compiled and displayed at

1 thought on “SHARE the BEST”

  1. While appreciating your efforts to share best of our experiences on products buying to help the masses, I do feel कब तक Digital Marketting द्वारा जनता confused होती रहेगी और सबसे अच्छे प्रोडक्ट की जगह inferior प्रॉडक्ट्स खरेदेगी और ठगी जाती रहेगी । Pl enroll me as online coaching domain expert. I can suggest world class coaching with zero investment.

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